Pomze Restaurant

Pomze is one of my  favorite restaurants in Paris. This time I went there with some friends from the USA and we had a good time again. The restaurant is like a big apartment with several rooms. It is great for small parties and one can ask for private room. The theme of restaurant is … More Pomze Restaurant

巴黎日本餐廳 -Sanukiya

巴黎的日本餐廳很多都是中國人仿日本餐 加法國化。今天去的Sanukiya, 是一間由日本人親自處理的鳥冬麵小餐廳。 One of the best udon restaurants in Paris. Sanukiya is always with long queue which discourage me to go. 這店常常要排隊,所以我不多去。今晚太幸運,只是排了幾分鍾。 它的鴨胸半生熟蛋烏冬麪真是頂瓜瓜,鴨肉一食就知是好材料, 香而不肥膩,17歐元一碗,我老公試了沒有蛋的鴨肉烏冬,超好味,它的豬扒飯聽聞都不錯。 This evening we tried our luck as we are in the area. Only a few minutes wait, it is our day! I had my usual dish of duck and mi-cooked egg … More 巴黎日本餐廳 -Sanukiya