Celia SO 樂遥 – 法國旅遊策劃及巴黎中文導遊


年輕時候的樂遙已很喜歡認識朋友,這份熱誠趨使她去修讀酒店管理。一段異國情緣令她移居法國,接着在雅高酒店集團擔任國際銷售經理,之後工作於國際貿易,但最後還是重投入旅遊業,經過一年的培訓課程後,成為法國國家持牌導遊,樂遙能説中文(廣東話 ,普通话),英语和法语,希望在帶領大家旅遊法國的同時,可以一起分享旅遊和生活的樂趣。

A little bit about Celia SO, Paris – I was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and my passion for people led me to study hotel management. After travelling all over the world and working for a French hospitality group in global sales , I fell in love with Paris and a Frenchman over 20 years ago. The twin love affairs continue, and even today – over two decades later – Paris still surprises and charms me.

France is a beautiful country with so much to see and discover – not to mention revisit! – and so I spend my vacations with my family travelling around the country to learn as much as I can about French culture and traditions.

Travel planner and Paris guide – Following my earlier career in luxury hospitality, I then re-trained as a French government-certified Guide-Conférencier so I could share my love of my adopted country with others. The course takes over one year full-time studying French culture and heritage, and only fully qualified Guide-Conférenciers can take guests inside museums and monuments. I’m also one of only a small number of tour guides who hold a further qualification to take guests around the private apartments of kings in the stunning Chateau of Versailles. I guide in Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)  and English.

Let me help you with your next visit to France…

Email : celiasoparis@gmail.com
Wechat : celiaparis
Instagram: celiasoparis


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