Pouliche -Paris restaurant

Fresh and local ingrediants, the concept in Pouliche is one menu each day. You don’t have 36 dishes to choose from, it is sort of a surprise.

Main course - meat
Main course -meat option
Dessert – The cake is to be share. Each of us got an ice-cream with a slice of pear. The ice-cream is delicious!

Starters and desserts are to be shared, you choose either vegetables, fish or meat for the main course. The chef is Amandine Chaignot, a lady whom would like to give you a joyful moment through her cooking.

The lunch menu is 28€ (32€ in week-ends)for 3 courses.

We had an excellent bottle of Chinon red wine recommended by the waiter, very friendly service !

Poulich, 11 rue d’Enghien 75010. Tel +33 1 45 89 07 56. Close Sunday evening

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