Paris Sorbonne University 巴黎索邦大學

The Sorbonne University was founded in 1253 by Robert de Sorbon in the Paris Rive Gauche. It’s reputation soon attracted students from other parts of Europe. To communicate among them, Latin was used. That is why we call the area Latin quarter.



The classical facade that we see today in front of Place de Sorbonne is the Chapel built by the Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century. In 1722, Richelieu became the principal of the Sorbonne university. He then charged Jacques Lemercier to raze the old buildings and constructed a much bigger structure for the university. The new chapel became the mausoleum of Richelieu. It was greatly damaged during the revolution and is now used as an exhibition hall.  In the crypt of the chapel are the urne of some students and professors died for the France during the WWII. Each year on the May 8th and November 11th, there are memorial ceremonies held here.

Sorbonne University

中世紀時期的建築物已經不再存在。索邦大學屢出名徒,法國國王路易十三的首相Richelieu 紅衣主教也就曾是索邦的學生。在1722年, Richelieu 成為索邦大學的校長,於是他下令拆除殘舊的校舍,擴建了大樓和一所禮拜堂。 他的墓穴就在教堂裏,教堂在法國大革命中受到嚴重破壞,室內的華貴裝飾淡然無存,現在只是用作展覽庁。

小教堂的地下室裡放了一些二戰期間為法國而犧牲的學生和教授的骨灰盒, 每年的5月8日和11月11日,這裡都會舉行紀念儀式。

Tomb of Richelieu
The tomb of Cardinal Richelieu sculpted by F Girardon. A red hat of cardinal is hanging on the ceiling above his tomb. 紅衣主教Richelieu 的陵墓,懸掛在墓上的是紅衣主教的帽子

Cour d’honneur/ Main Court – the white lines on the floor represent the position of the Chapel of Robert Sorbon erected in 1326. That is the only trace of the middle age building.

13th century Sorbonne

The New Sorbonne – In the end of the 19th century, the structure of the 17th century building became an handicap for the development of the Sorbonne. As a result, there was a rebuilding of the establishment . Only the Chapel of Richelieu and the layout of the main courtyard were kept.

隨著索邦大學的發展,17世紀的學院逐漸變得不合時宜,因此在19世紀末,索邦大學又再被改建,只有Richelieu 的禮拜堂和庭院被保存下來。

Paris Sorbonne Corridor


At the entrance of the rue des Ecoles is a reception area where stand two majestic staircases leading to the Peristyle . One side represents Letters while the other side represents Science. The two fundamental teachings of Sorbonne.

All around the Peristyle, a series of 18 marouflage mural paintings illustrate the history of the Scientce by Théobald Chartran (1849-1907), on the east side and the history of the Arts by François Flameng (1856-1923),

Sorbonne Staircase top view

Sorbonne Staircase
索邦大學的官式入口是在Rue des Ecoles. 從這裏進去是一個接待處,兩邊各有一條雄偉的樓梯,它們分別代表文藝和科學,這是這所學府教授課程的基本。

The staircases are decorated with medallions engraved with the coat of arms of 19 cities in France which had an university (in 1889).

Sorbone Staircase decoration

這樓梯上的裝飾代表在1889年時擁有大學的法國城市,相片顯示的是Aix-en-Provence 普羅旺斯地區的艾克斯。

All around the Peristyle, a series of 18 marouflage mural paintings illustrate the history of the Scientce  and the history of the Arts


The Grand Salon is 27m long, 10 m wide with a high ceiling of 7 m. It is used for official events such as award ceremonies.

Sorbonne Grand Salon

Library of Sorbonne – the 326 seats are opened to students of the Sorbonne and researchers.

Sorbonne library


The Grand amphitheater of Sorbonne is the venue for various national or international academic events, seminars and concerts… It can host up to 900 people. In the cupola are 5 camaïeu painting representing the 5 faculties of Sorbonne : law, medicine, Science, Letters and Theology.

Sorbonne Grand Amphitheatre
Grand Amphitheater 這是索邦大學最大的演講廳,可以容納900人

Entrance of Sorbonne Grand amphitheatre

Amphitheatre Richelieu
Amphitheatre Richelieu

La Salle des Actes is used for ceremony of signatures.

Sorbonne Salle de l'acte
Salle des Actes – the painting on the background depicts the scene of the union of the Ecole Normale Superieur and the Sorbonne in 1903.

Guided tours of the Sorbonne university is possible in French from Monday to Friday. If you need to do it in English or Chinese, please email me.

巴黎樂遙 Celia SO, Paris 2020.

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