Covid19 Phase 3 in Paris

March 15th , city mayor election day


Voté, c’est fait ! I did my citizen duty this morning. In view of the fast spread phrase of Covid 19, the government had done some precautions for this election day. I keep the one meter security distance recommended and avoid any physical contact with anything and anyone in the voting office. I got my own cleaning gel with me now all the time and I clean my hands after each contact with a foreign object.

Paris election voting office
One meter security distance marking on voting office floor

Last evening, the French government announced that all restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops (except grocery and pharmacies ) … will be closed starting from today. I went to my favorite frozen food store, Picard after voting. Many freezer boxes were empty ! Two person were discussing about the menu of the week for the children. Oh, I see. It is not just  a panic of the population to explain the running out of some food items. Most people stay at home to work, no school for children as from Monday onwards so households need to buy more quantity of food. All happened so fast from closing of all schools to shut down of all non essential commerce.  There is no choice, Covid 19 is faster than us.

Paris bakery shop
People queuing up with 1 meter security distance outside Paris bakery shop

Heading home and will stay at home to cooperate with our government. Everyone try your best and we can go over this hard period.

Celia SO, Paris,  March 2020.



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