Derek Sit, Hong Kong

Celia Gives My Wife and Me an Unforgettable Museum Tour - TripAdvisor review: Louvre Private Tour
Celia is great! A professional and friendly tour guide I’ve ever met. This is in fact my first time having a professional guide touring me in a museum - Museum Louvre.
Thank Celia, it is a great experience. I am impressed by your professional knowledge about Paris and Louvre! Without you, my wife and I would sure have got lost in Louvre and missed a lot of stories and information about all these treasures. We have learnt so much about Louvre in limited hours! Who says museum is boring? I can’t thank Celia enough. I enjoyed the time in Louvre. I miss you, Louvre. I will be back!
By the way, thank Celia for recommending the French restaurant to us! Excellent food and wine, value for money as well!