Le Rendez-vous Enchante – good quality Asian buffet near Versailles Palace

Le Rendez-vous Enchante is the best Asian buffet that I have tried in Paris region.

7829F59C-616E-4B76-8550-D9584B06C400.jpegThe food here is freshly prepared every day and it is varied. From Chinese roasted duck to Malaysian satay, dumpings or Thai salad…

639FFD5C-9EF8-4900-8FA0-2D0B80AC52F5548C7DF4-700C-4D29-94C9-5C1A477DF684B22C151C-5311-48D3-92F7-94BDE7DEFDAB8252EAC2-4794-47EA-AE4C-278D88C38FEBNot like other Asian restaurants which are poor in dessert. Le Rendez-vous Enchante has both French and Asian desserts. They are in small portions which make it easy to try different desserts.


Service staff are friendly especially the boss and his wife. Reserve your seats in the outside garden if the weather allowed.

Lunch buffet is 20€ in weekdays and 27€ the weekend. Diner buffet is 27€.

Le Rendez-vous Enchantée 聚春園是我在巴黎地區吃過的最好亞洲自助餐。




Rendez-vous Enchante, 66 Boulevard Saint Antoine, 78250 Le Chesnay. Tel. +33 (0)986119988

Closed Sunday evening and Monday.

Click to access 2018.04.23-Carte-le-Rendez-vous-Enchanté.pdf

巴黎樂遙 Celia So Paris, Novembre 2019

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