2019 summer Paris transportation partly closed 巴黎交通部份關閉

Summer time is a time for vacation for French people. Very often, important maintenance work of the Parisian subway line and railway line takes place in this time.

This year the RER A, RER C and metro line 6 are partly closed for maintenance work.

Paris transportation map.JPG

RER A segment between Auber and Nation : totally closed from August 10th to 18th. No service after 22:00 July 13th to August 4th. No service after 21:00 August 5th to 9th  as well as August 19th to Septembre 1st.

RER C segment between Paris Austerlitz and Javel. will be closed from July 15th to August 24th. If you are going to Chateau de Versailles , you may either take the subway line 10 to join the RER C at Javel station. Another option is to take the suburb train from Montparnasse station until Viroflay Rive Gauche and then change for the RER C to Chateau Versailles Rive Gauche. The change time may be short, be fast.

Parisian metro Line 6 segment between Montparnasse and Trocadero is closed July 1st to Septembre 1st. Segment between Trocadero and Etoile will be closed from August 15th to 18th.

Metro 6 closed.JPG


Have a nice summer!

Celia So, Paris 樂遙 2019 July



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