Bakery at Home

We used to have two very good bakeries near our home. My husband often went to get fresh French « baguette » (long stick bread) in the morning. What a pleasure to have good baguette spread with jam and butter, together with a cup of tea for breakfast.


A good baguette is crispy outside that one can bite off without effort. Inside should be soft and a bit elastic at the same time. The price of French baguette is controlled. It is around one euro per baguette.

The two bakeries have changed owner one after another in less than one year. Now, their baguettes are eatable, just a bit better than the baguette of a supermarket. Thus, we bought mostly special breads but that are more expensive. Last week, we bought a bread-making machine. We can not make French baguette but can make special bread with the ingredients that we like.  First tries were not bad. Look at my bread of grapes, almonds, nuts and chestnuts., absolutely yummy !


The advantage of making its own bread is that one can put good ingredients. Panasonic  bread maker selected by my husband

My next recipe will be bacon and cheese bread.

Celia SO, Paris. December 2018


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