Paris organic food- Le Bichat

Eating healthy and simply. That is what people are looking for when they walk in this cantine restaurant – Le Bichat.

Le Bichat restaurant

In Le Bichat, you are like at home. You choose your food, serve yourself and clean up your table when you leave. Only the hot bowl is prepared by the staff.  For this hot bowl, you can choose vegan, fish or meal to go with the base which are vegetables and rice.

Le Bichat
Hot bowl of rice with fresh vegetables and fish, fresh carrot and apple juice, a delicious desert of the day with coco and kiwi.

The main bowl ranges from 9€ to 11€. A fresh juice is 4€ and a dessert is 3€.  They serve gluten free food too. Friendly and casual atmosphere.

Le Bichat – 11, rue Bichat 75010 Paris.
Opening hours: everyday from 9am to 11pm

Celia SO, Paris. April 2019

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