Paris Louvre private tour – 羅浮宮粵語導遊

Walking through the endless corridors of Louvre without a guide is frustrating and tiring. Let me show you Louvre in a fun and interactive approach.

In two hours, we will see the masterpieces of Louvre and I will also tell you the history of this world-wide famous monument. Start with the Louvre Medieval, we pass through the Greek sculptures, the Apollo Gallery, Italian paintings and 19th century French paintings and finished by Italian sculptures.

Itinerary may be modified in case of close of rooms or any special reason.

以面積被列為全球最大的博物館,羅浮宮也曾是一個皇宮。在這個參觀,我們尋找帝王的痕跡,認識西方藝術的演變,欣賞羅浮宮三寳、希臘的雕像、 意大利油畫和法國大師級藝術家的傑作,從這個約會,你會愛上羅浮宮


Victory of Samothrace
Apollon’s Gallery
Delacroix, Liberty Guiding The people
Pyramide elevator
Spinx of Tanis

Guided private visit in English or Cantonese.羅浮宮粵話或英語導遊

Duration : 120 minutes

Price (excluding entrance tickets ) : 200€ (maximum 6 people in total)

Entrance ticket: 17 € per adult, free for under 18 years old. (information from January 2023)

Tour available, Monday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Meeting point: Inside the museum, next to the information counter.

For enquiry and ;  wechat: celiaparis;  FB : ;  whatsapp: +33 601765757

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