Versailles凡爾賽 La Place Creperie 薄餅餐廳

If you like French crepes (pancake), you may have a stop in La Place Creperie on your day trip to Versailles Palace from Paris.

遊巴黎市郊的凡爾賽宫基本上最少需要半天的時間,在遊覧皇宮之前或之後,如果你喜欢法国薄餅的话,不妨試試La Place 薄餅餐廳。

Versailles Laplace 3

Located right in front of the Chateau de Versailles next to the parking of tourist bus, La Place is a trendy creperie. Delicious salty crepes price around 8€ to 10€, dessert crepes are around 6 to 7€. If some of you do not like crepe, there are salads, toasted bread with different toppings, steak and burger.

La Palace 薄餅餐廳位於凡爾賽宮正門旅遊巴士停車場的旁邊。 这里的咸薄饼大约由8€至10€,甜薄饼即大概6€至7€。如果你不喜欢法国薄饼的话,这里还有很多沙拉的選擇,也有toast。

Versailles Laplace.JPG
Salty crepe & cider


Versailles Laplace 2JPG.JPG
Dessert crepe with chocolate

Set menu
Weekday lunch menu – 14.50€
1 salty crepe of your choice + 1  dessert crepe or fresh fruit salad + 1 glass of cider or apple juice


In summer time, you can seat on the terrace in front of La Place creperie and admire the Chateau of Versailles.

Celia SO Paris ‘s choice: La Place Creperie in Versailles. Reservation recommended for lunch. 
17, rue Colbert, 78000 Versailles. Tel. +33 1 85 15 22 80
Monday t – Friday 11:00- 15:00  & 18:30-23:00 .
Weekends 11:00- 23:00.

Celia SO, Paris 樂遙, 巴黎 07/12/2019

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