3 days escape to France Burgundy.

Burgundy is in the south east of Paris region. We are going to the northern part of Burgundy and it is about two and half hours drive from Paris. It is in the busy touristic season of mid August but surprisingly, there are not many people anywhere we went to. It was a relaxing and enjoyable country-side holiday !

Itinerary :

Day Morning Lunch Afternoon
1 Departure from Paris to Auxerre La Petite Beursaude Vezelay
2 La Grande Forge de Buffon or /and cycling along the canal Le Morronnier or picnic by the canal Fontenay Abbey
3 Montreal Picnic or Pot d’Etain Noyers – sur- Serein

The biggest city we visited in this trip. Medieval town became a well developed city. There is a shuttle bus going inside the city. Besides, you may follow indications on the floor to do a walking tour of the city. We had our lunch stop in the restaurant La P’tite Beursaude, a good restaurant and you must make reservation as it is very small.

Auxerre sculpture
A modern sculpture in front of the Auxerre medieval city gate
Auxerre medieval houses.JPG
Medieval half-timbered houses
Auxerre St Pierre Church inside
Saint-Pierre Abbey (16-17th century)
Auxerre St Etienne Catheral inside
Saint-Etienne Cathedral dated from the 13th century
Auxerre Road mark
Road marks for tourists to walk around the historic sites, follow the arrow!
Auxerre City gate.jpg
Saint Joan of Arc passed through Auxerre on her way to Giem in 27th February 1420

Listed in the World Heritage of UNESCO, Vezelay is not only a witness of the Middle Age architecture, it is also a stop of the route of pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostelle. The relics of Mary Madeleine is in the crypt. Every year around June the 21st, you can see the light passing through the windows forming a light-spot path from the church door to the altar. How genius was the builders. The front facade is under renovation, need to wait for about one year to see the restoration work of Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century.

Basilique de Vezelay.JPG
She is so small and HE is so great!


Basilique de Vezelay side view.JPG
Side view of Basilique of Vezelay
Vezelay 2
It is pleasant to walk up the small hill of Vezelay – many cute shops and cafes

Vezelay 4

Vezelay 3 JPG.JPG


The village people do not go to cinema so cinema come to the village
We were lucky to watch the film « L’Ecole  buissonniere » in the Grotte de Champ Retard on a Saturday evening . This special show was offered by the region to the village people nearby as the closest cinema is 15km away. What is better to see a film about a forest in such a nature setting ! A fabulous local experience !

Grotte de Champ Retard
Watch a film in Grotte de champ Retard with the local village people

This forge was built by the intendant of Louis the XV, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon in the 18th century. After different changes, the present owner has restored it to the time of the Grand Forge and opened it for public visit. The surrounding area is very calm and beautiful. One can rent electric bike from Le Marronnier restaurant to cycle along the canal too. 20€ for half day.
Entrance fee : 8€

Forge de Buffon outside

Grand Forge de Buffon.JPG
On this grand stair-case, the guests watch the melting of iron from the oven

Forge de Buffon 4JPG

Constructed in 1118 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, this is one of the oldest Cistercian abbey in the world. The Cistercian monks believed in simple, poor and solitude life. Guided visit in French every hour in the afternoon. We learnt a lot about the life of the medieval monks in this visit.
Entrance fee : 10€

Abbey de Fontenay outside.JPG

Abbey de Fontenay 4
The owner Aynard family lives in the Abbey and take care of the restoration
Abbey de Fontenay 2.JPG
Live in simplicity and poor. There is no paintings and no decoration inside Abbey de Fontenay

Abbey de Fontenay 6.JPG

We learn more things in the wood than in the books; the trees and the rocks teach things that you do not know elsewhere. Saint Bernard (Epist CV1)

Abbey de Fontenay 5

MONTREAL in France
Montreal in French means real mountain. Montreal in Burgundy is a small town on a hill. Old stone city gate enclosing mostly old rural stone houses. The plants and flowers make them very welcoming and eye-catching. On the top of the hill is a middle age Roman style church. There is a good view of the fields in the surrounding from the hill top, it is a good place to do a picnic too.

Montreal 4

Montreal 5

Montreal 2.JPG

Montreal 3.JPG
Walk slowly and you can find  symbols here and there
Montreal 1
A roman church on top of the hill in Montreal
Montreal view.JPG
View from the top of Montreal

Montreal 6.JPG

NOYERS – SUR- SEREIN – Most beautiful villages of France
Inside the city gates are plenty of medieval houses and many of them in half-timbered. Walk along the river Serein, there was the ramparts of the city. Some round-towers are now part of individual houses.

Noyers 1
Noyers -sur -Serein


Noyers 3.JPG

Noyers 14.JPG

This is our second trip to Burgundy and there are so much more to see. We will be back soon!

Useful information:

Domaine de Rochefort,  Rochefort – 89440 DISSANGIS. Tel. 03 86 33 80 52
It is ideally located within 30 minutes drive from the sites we want to visit. Originally a farm, it is renovated into a group of cottages with a major building offering bed and breakfast. We had a cottage with private terrace  with view of the swimming pool. The owners are very nice. They do not speak a lot of English but with patience, you can make understood.
Price: 128€ per night per cottage for 4 person

Domaine de Rochfort 3


La P’tite Beursaude, 55 rue Joubert 89000 Auxerre. Tel. 03 86 51 10 21 https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/French-Restaurant/La-ptite-beursaude-420269361418833/

Auxerre La P'tite Beursaude

Le Morronnier, 6, rue des Forges 21500 Buffon Tel 03 80 92 33 65.
Week-end :23€ for 2 courses ; 25€ for 3 courses
Www. Lemarronnier-buffon.com

Auberge du Pot d’Etain, 24, rue Bouchardat 89440 L’Isle – sur -Serein Tel. 03 86 33 88 10
Closed Sunday & Monday

Maison Paillot, 14 Place de l’Hotel de Ville 89310 Noyers  Tel. 03 86 82 82 16
Closed Sunday & Monday

Les Millésimes, D86, 89310 Noyers. Tel. 03 86 82 82 16
Closed Monday & Tuesday


Celia So, Paris, August 2019



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